Andrew Marr’s Megacities

Recently I completed watching ‘Andrew Marr’s Megacities‘ on iPlayer. I’d recommend doing so to gain a fascinating and unusual insight into some of the largest cities in the world. They are only available on iplayer until the 26th/27th of June though so I’d hurry up if you haven’t seen them.

  1. Living in the City
  2. Cities on the Edge
  3. Sustaining the City

In particular it’s really made me want to travel to Shanghai and, perhaps, when the nuclear crisis is over, Tokyo. Not long back, Richard Hammond’s Engineering Connections, featured the Bullet Train in Japan which has top speeds of 300kph (185mph). Having watched the above series I now realise the Bullet train pales in comparison to the Maglev in Shanghai which reaches top speeds of roughly 430kph (270mph) using magnetic levitation above the tracks.Shanghai also apparently has the largest tube network in the world being built out at record speed.

Technology such as this is blurring distances across landscapes and helping cities to expand beyond their horizons. It also makes one wonder about the growing potential of the emerging markets and the opportunities that lie ahead.

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