iPhone 4S

I took receipt of a new 64GB white iPhone4S this morning. It arrived yesterday but I wasn’t around to receive it so I had to go and pick it up from the depot this morning. Here are mandatory unboxing photos. First impressions – the white colour looks stunning and definitely outshines the black.

Siri is nice but definitely hit and miss. There is a learning curve for both the user and Siri. I would class Siri as alpha or beta right now due to bugs and a degree of misinterpretation but even then it is very useful. Imagine what it will be able to do with refinement. So far I’ve used it to compose some texts, book lunch and reschedule the lunch appointment and it mostly worked fine. Here’s an interesting article about how siri works and the quora equivalent.

The camera, which was the primary reason to get the phone along with the white colour, definitely seems like a radical improvement to the old one letting in more light resulting in better photos.

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