JDK8 update: Release schedule and StringBuilder patch

Looking through the jdk8-dev archives (albeit slightly late) I found two points worthy of note. First is the JDK8 release schedule (thread view) as well as commendable openness by the release manager of the release schedule and commitment by Oracle. The second is a movement (thread view) in openjdk to migrate from StringBuffer to StringBuilder which in my opinion is fantastic not only as a means of keeping the codebase up to date in a backward compatible manner but also as a performance improvement. Note the lmax disruptor whitepaper in which benchmarks showed how sychronized code can be slower than unsynchronized code even when only executed by a single thread. On a note of curious trivia: Adam Messinger, who hosted the jdk launch event on video has left Oracle for Twitter to become VP of Application Engineering!

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    Hey Dmitry. Sorry for the delay. Yeah I’m doing okay. I don’t know if I’ve resurrected the blog as such. I’m still not doing anything work related. I just spent a few minutes on it! Hope all is well at your end. 🙂


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