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K(u)buntu 8.10 released

I’m a little late in reporting this but on 30 Oct (3 days ago) Ubuntu and Kubuntu 8.10 were released. Currently I use Debian for server and Kubuntu for desktop. Previously I was a big fan of Gentoo and prior to that I tried every distribution under the sun while at university. Kubuntu 8.10, it seems, includes KDE4 which I really hope has stabilised sufficiently to become the default distributed version and reached the 4.1 version. The last remix cd was, from what I’ve heard, unusable.

While previously Ubuntu was a little new on the scene and was being treated with skepticism as yet another operating system based on Debian it has now matured into a stable, trusted and widely adopted linux distribution and for me, as with most people, it simply works and stays out of the way allowing me to get my work done – the work being in my case not only being my primary operating system but also being my preferred environment for Java development. A dual boot between Vista and Linux is of course always necessary – Windows being for games, IE and other Windows specific requirements.