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Brian Goetz talks on implementing lambda expressions in Java 8

Oracle have posted the talk that Brian Goetz (one of my favourite technical experts) gave at the JVM Language Summit on 30 July 2012 on implementing lambda expressions in Java. It’s shorter than a classic talk at only 40 mins long. Lambda expressions are due to be released in Java 8 and will be the flagship feature of that release and will also be, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most important features of all time.

Not only will they make the language more powerful in its expression but with any luck the VM will also be able to introspect and detect latent areas of parallelism and parallelise the execution of those lambda operations. Numerous satellite projects will also leverage the use of lambda expressions in their endeavours – an example being the recent proposal to add GPU support into Java.

EhCache and Hibernate talk by Greg Luck

There is a free event upcoming in London on Tuesday 29th June 2010 titled ‘In the brain of Greg Luck, the new EhCache 2.0.0 and Hibernate caching SPI provider – boost hibernate performance by 10x’. Although I’m not a big fan of Hibernate – EhCache is a very prevalent open source caching library and given that this talk is by the creator of EhCache it certainly seems worthwhile attending. What has made EhCache more interesting of late is that it has been taken over by Terracotta – the network attached memory vendor. On an unrelated note there also seems to be a new meetup group for Google App Engine.